Custom Software Development

At B-Three Solutions, we focus exclusively on delivering software solutions for our clients. We specialize in custom software development, both web- and client-based.


Business Technology Assessments

Do you have one or more business systems that you need to improve? Replacing them at this time may be unreasonable and you have significant investments and competitive advantages tied up in them.


Software Requirements Engineering

To start designing and modernizing a software system, software engineers must first know what to build. Unfortunately, your customers, marketing department, or even management may not know what they want. In any case, determining the exact features and attributes of the proposed software system is a key success factor in controlling project scope, and therefore quality, schedule, and cost.


Staffing Augmentation

Many organizations and Information Technology (IT) departments are challenged with constantly changing technology projects and initiatives using only internal staff. To acquire strategic skills through a timely and cost–effective business process, CIOs and IT Directors turn to B–Three Solutions for professional IT solutions.


Extending Software Life

Can you relate to this concern? “One particular desktop application has been central to our operations for years. The software is basically solid, but it isn’t flexible, and that imposes real constraints on how we can operate.”


Mobile Workforce Solutions

Many organizations, private and public, find it challenging to effectively manage their mobile workforce.


Document and Content Management

In today’s information age, one of the key corporate assets is the intellectual property that has been stored in countless presentations, proposals, manuals, marketing brochures, and other business documents. Protect and utilize that asset by calling B–Three today.


Project Outsourcing

Is your IT staff overloaded with work? Do you have an IT project that has been sitting on the back burner? B–Three Solutions can assist you in achieving your corporate goals in a timely and cost–effective manner.


Data Management Solutions

A data warehouse provides a company with a centralized data aggregation available for multiple purposes.