Mobile Workforce Solutions

Mobile Workforce Solutions

Many organizations, private and public, find it challenging to effectively manage their mobile workforce. The challenges can include:

• Operating with a paper–based information system.
• Determining the status of critical resources.
• Tracking the performance of the mobile workforce.

Delays and inefficiencies in these processes cost the organization time and money, and they can also have a serious effect on customer satisfaction. It all adds up to a significant bottom–line impact.

Solutions to these challenges are available, however, through automation with electronic devices and software placed in the hands of the mobile workforce. These solutions are best deployed through completion of a well–defined application requirements plan, developed with the participation of all stakeholders. The plan specifies the processes to be automated, the electronic devices to be deployed, and the software to be developed. This approach produces a solution that is practical, cost–effective, and acceptable to all stakeholders.

Remote Data Broker
The Remote Data Broker (RDB), a software product developed by B–Three Solutions, is the key technological component in all of our mobile solutions. Our solutions stand out, because they are not dependent on a persistent Internet connection. The entry of data by a user is not affected by the loss of a connection — an important feature in Western Pennsylvania, where hills and valleys create “dead zone” areas. The RDB senses the loss of the connection and automatically begins to queue the data for later transmission. This data management process happens behind the scenes, with no impact on the continued entry of data by the user. When the RDB detects a valid network connection, the system automatically resumes its transmission of data. This sophisticated communication technology insures against data being lost, without interfering with the user’s work.

Mission–Critical Mobile Workforce Solutions
As examples of mission–critical mobile workforce solutions developed by B–Three, we have descriptions of two systems currently in use by the City of Pittsburgh. For each system, click the link to read a case study.

Law Enforcement: B–Three created a wireless mobile version of the Automated Police Reporting System (APRS), a desktop application we had earlier developed to replace the paper reports filled out by police officers. By means of the RDB, the officers now receive data and enter crime reports through laptop computers in the squad cars.

Building Inspection: By means of the RDB, a building inspector in the field can receive an enforcement assignment (often based on a citizen complaint received just a short time before), carry out the property inspection, and immediately file a report (complete and enforcement–ready), with no need to return to the office.

In these high–profile, mission–critical applications for the City of Pittsburgh, the software developed by B–Three has maintained a flawless performance record.

Experience, Expertise, and People Skills
B–Three Solutions has the analytical experience, the technological expertise, and the people skills gained from years of helping clients handle business challenges. Regardless of the field, B–Three can help your organization solve its mobile workforce challenges.