Extending Software Life

Extending Software Life

Can you relate to this concern?
“One particular desktop application has been central to our operations for years. The software is basically solid, but it isn’t flexible, and that imposes real constraints on how we can operate.”

Concerns like these are common to IT managers across the full spectrum of organizations — business, government, and nonprofit.

Only Two Options?
In a rapidly evolving economy that demands an adaptable, flexible approach to operations, how are you going to deal with the tradeoffs imposed by a sound but inflexible core application? Do you have only these two options?

• Option 1: Continue to put up with the limitations of your core application.
• Option 2: Replace your core application with a new system, absorbing all the costs of software development, data conversion, and employee retraining.

For your organization, either of those options could cause significant problems. But with B–Three Solutions you have a third option — extending the useful life of your software — that has proved to be cost–effective for many organizations.

Extend Software Life with New User Interface
Working with you, we can design, develop, and install a new user interface that will significantly extend the useful life of a basically sound application. The new interface can eliminate redundant data entry and greatly enhance data validation.

Extend Software Life with Enhanced Flexibility
Another way to extend the useful life of a core application is to make it more adaptable to changing conditions. If the software can be readily adjusted to reflect changes in the data that must be tracked, then the application can continue to supply the necessary information to your organization. This can be accomplished by creating a customized maintenance tool that can be run as needed to carry out the required adjustments, avoiding any need to make programming changes to the application.

As an example of this approach, we have a brief case study describing how B–Three enhanced a crime data plotting system with a special maintenance tool that can be run as needed to modify the boundaries of the police zones used by the plotting system.

Extend Software Life with Mobile Capabilities
If your workforce is mobile but their core application is confined to desktops at the office, B–Three can streamline your workflow by adding sophisticated mobile capabilities to that core application. We can “give it legs.”

Our page on B–Three’s mobile workforce solutions includes a description of the Remote Data Broker, a key software component of our mobile solutions.

To appreciate the impact of our Remote Data Broker, read about how B-Three “mobilized” Pittsburgh’s building inspectors and then consider the parallels to your own workforce.

Cost–Effective and Cost–Certain
By extending existing desktop systems with mobile capabilities and enhanced user interfaces, we enable our clients to gain greater value from the software investments they have already made, and we strengthen their ability to meet the needs of their customers.

When we extend an existing application, there are no data conversion costs, because the database on which it was built remains intact. Employee training costs are minimized, because training can focus entirely on the new user interface, since the data structure and the basic functions of the application are unchanged.

B–Three’s approach to software projects is both cost–effective and cost–certain for our clients. We specialize in fixed–fee, fixed–timeline projects, and we guarantee the software we develop with a one–year warranty. To extend the useful life of your core applications, B–Three Solutions is your best option.