Software Requirements Engineering

Software Requirements Engineering

Define Requirements Before Development
To start designing and modernizing a software system, software engineers must first know what to build. Unfortunately, your customers, marketing department, or even management may not know what they want. In any case, determining the exact features and attributes of the proposed software system is a key success factor in controlling project scope, and therefore quality, schedule, and cost.

If you have had software projects go over budget or schedule — or even fail — in the past, chances are the problems began up–front with inadequate software requirements planning. We can help you by first understanding the business results you need to achieve, and then linking them to specific, detailed features, functionality, and performance requirements. This is your blueprint for a successful project.

While Software Requirements Engineering (SRE) is a mandatory front-end activity in the software engineering process, it is often the case that requirements change during development as new information becomes available. With our process, SRE can eliminate up–front errors and bad assumptions, which are more expensive to fix later in the development cycle. Even off–the–shelf systems benefit from SRE.

We use engineering principles to analyze and specify your requirements. Our deliverable from this phase of work is your Software Requirements Specification.

Reasons Why You May Need Software Requirements Engineering

  • You or your customers need help to determine what is really wanted or needed.
  • You may need assistance to analyze or model requirements for a project.
  • You need help in getting all stakeholders to agree on fixed requirements.
  • You are concerned about controlling software project scope (often called scope creep).
  • You may be experiencing poor performance, availability, or reliability.
  • You are concerned that software project costs are too high and/or the projected time schedule is too long.