Why Fixed-Fee? WHY NOT?

Just about every other purchase you make in life has a fixed cost, but for some reason it has become acceptable for software projects to run long and cost more than quoted.

Think about that!  Imagine a situation where you have just driven home in a new car, after signing all the papers at the dealership and shaking hands with the salesman.  Three weeks later, the salesman shows up at your door with another invoice.  He explains that additional monthly payments are required.  Otherwise the dealership will cancel the sale and repossess the car.

You wouldn’t stand for that nonsense when you purchase a car, and you shouldn’t stand for it when you purchase software development services.

At B–Three Solutions, we specialize in fixed–fee projects, and that sets us apart from other consulting companies.  We base our methodology on these two fundamental assumptions:

  • Your project budget is fixed.  In most cases, there are no additional funds available to cover cost overruns or change orders.
  • Your project timeline is fixed.  A project is generally initiated to meet a particular business need.  If that need is not met in a timely manner, costs may be incurred or opportunities may be missed.

B–Three can meet these critical requirements.  Before the project begins, we consult with you to analyze the tasks to be accomplished, and create a project plan.  We then submit a proposal containing a list of the deliverables, a firm timeline, and a firm price.  Our proposal includes a one–year warranty on the software we develop.

We propose solutions that are consistent with business logic and justified by cost–effectiveness.  B–Three’s design–driven, business–focused approach to IT projects maximizes the return on your investment.

B–Three works with businesses, local governments, and nonprofit organizations.  Our fixed–fee approach has resulted in project success and customer satisfaction across the full spectrum of clients.

One of our government clients put it this way:
“One of the things I like about them the most is that they give a fixed fee.  Once I get certain money allocated for a project, I can’t go beyond that.  That’s why B–Three’s model is particularly attractive for government organizations.”

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