Service Category Added to B–Three ITQ Qualifications

September 30, 2009

Pittsburgh, PA — B–Three Solutions has received approval from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to add an additional category of information technology services to its credentials as a pre–qualified vendor under Pennsylvania’s Invitation to Qualify (ITQ) program.

The new service category is Modified Off–the–Shelf Software Services (MOTS). To be qualified in this category, an applicant must demonstrate its competence and experience by having executed projects that involved customized modifications to off–the–shelf commercial software. The applicant must submit descriptions and client references for three projects.

In the first of the submitted projects, B–Three created an image repository for insurance documents, by making custom modifications to the Microsoft SharePoint package.

In the second project, an image repository for tax documents was constructed as a combination of custom code, Microsoft SharePoint, and a third–party product with scanning, viewing, and annotation capabilities.

The third project involved writing custom code to achieve data integration between a large municipality’s crime information databases and a commercial off–the–shelf software package utilized by the police department’s crime analysis unit.

Officials of the ITQ program evaluated B–Three’s application and approved its qualifications in the MOTS category.

Pennsylvania’s ITQ program is a significant enhancement to the commonwealth’s procurement practices. Vendors apply to be pre–qualified by the state to provide specific categories of Information Technology services. Commonwealth agencies can then secure IT services from these pre–qualified vendors without going through an RFP process.