Recent Graduates Promote B–Three Opportunities at Grove City

October 20, 2011

On October 5th, at the 2011 Career Fair at Grove City College, two of the four employee representatives from B–Three Solutions were recent graduates of Grove City.

Jamie Schultz, Vice President of Operations, said that the presence of those recent graduates demonstrates that B–Three has built a “win–win–win” relationship with Grove City.  Expanding on that statement, Schultz stated:  ”The college’s IT department benefits from its interaction with B–Three; individual students launch their IT careers; and B–Three gains mature, talented employees.”

The other representatives of B–Three were Bob Elliott, Director of Project Development, and Systems Analysts Aaron Cuffman and Adam Schultz.  Elliott explained that the two recent graduates give B–Three instant credibility with current students:  ”Every company in this room is talking the talk — in this case, talking to the students about opportunities and career paths.  At B–Three, we also walk the walk, and Aaron and Adam can testify to that!”

The 13th annual Career Fair attracted more than 100 organizations:  businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, graduate schools, and branches of the armed forces.  At the B–Three table, printed materials and a continuously running slide show emphasized B–Three’s distinctive fixed–fee approach to software development projects.

In conversations with the students, the B–Three representatives called attention to B–Three’s internship program, which has included three Grove City students.  An internship with B–Three can be an excellent starting point for a career in Information Technology.  Four members of our current development team first came to B–Three as interns.

Student response was encouraging.  B–Three received more than 30 resumes on the spot, and others are expected to come in as the fall term draws to a close.