Grove City Career Fair Continues “Three-Win” Relationship

October 15, 2014

For B-Three Solutions, participation in the annual Career Fair at Grove City College is essential to maintaining a “win-win-win” relationship with the college.

The “three-win” relationship includes these elements:

  • Interaction with B-Three benefits the college’s Computer Science Department.
  • B-Three’s internship program enables individual Computer Science students to launch their careers as IT professionals.
  • B-Three benefits from hiring talented employees who have proved themselves while working as interns.

At the 2014 Career Fair, five B-Three representatives spent the day speaking with students about career paths in general, and the internship program in particular.

Vice President of Operations Jamie Schultz headed the B-Three delegation, as he has each year since 2009.  The other B-Three representatives were Aaron Cuffman, Carlie Elliott, Brian Schultz, and Tim Whitbeck.

Five of B-Three’s current employees are graduates of Grove City College, and four of those individuals came to B-Three through the internship program.