City of Pittsburgh Rolls out new Police Reporting System

August 1, 2007

Pittsburgh, PA – The City of Pittsburgh held a press conference today to announce the production rollout of the Automated Police Reporting System (APRS), designed and developed by B–Three Solutions. The system, which has completed a successful pilot program, allows the City’s police force to complete and submit the numerous reports they need to create in their squad cars from anywhere in the city. This will save time and labor, and improve crime–related data communication throughout the department.

The system leverages the Remote Data Broker, a software product created by B–Three Solutions, which allows remote PCs to continue to process data and submit reports regardless of the state of their wireless Internet connection. This component is especially important in the diverse geography of Pittsburgh.

APRS also helps the City catch the criminals. By enabling police officers to complete paper work in their cars, they can remain on the streets and no longer need to spend hours a day at the precinct. The extensive automatic data population and data validation allows the officers to fill out reports quickly and accurately. Reports are submitted for approval as soon as the officer saves them, thus improving the sharing of data throughout the department and helping police investigators identify crime patterns or similarities more quickly.

The City’s press release includes a photograph of the mayor participating in the field demonstration of APRS.