B-Three Salesman Turns 80

January 6, 2016

Pittsburgh, PA —

According to author Malcolm Gladwell, it takes “10,000 hours of deliberate practice” to become “world class” at any one profession. Turning 80 years old this past November, and still landing sales, it’s safe to say that B-Three Solutions salesman, Chuck Summerville, has likely surpassed that threshold.

A great addition to the B-Three team of developers, Chuck brings years of experience in technology and software sales to the office. And though he may be 80, he’s not your stereotypical, AARP-card wielding senior. In fact, cruising in a fresh, white Audi while packing a “phablet” on his hip, and chatting with the “OK Google” voice-enabled search tool, it’s safe to say that Chuck’s got more tech swagger than even some of the younger millennials in the office.

Chuck’s wealth of knowledge, captivating personality, and enthusiasm for the industry make him an irreplaceable member of the B-Three team! Here at B-Three Solutions, we’re proud to say that we think we’ve got the oldest-known living software salesman in our corner! And we wouldn’t have it any other way! Happy 80th Birthday Chuck