B–Three Partners with Vertical Solutions to Deliver Comprehensive Services

January 27, 2011

Pittsburgh, PA — B–Three Solutions, Inc., announces an alliance with Vertical Solutions — an R. L. Nelson and Associates Company — to deliver comprehensive custom software development services.

B–Three Solutions, a leading provider of software requirements engineering, software design, application development, and software development staffing, is partnering with Vertical Solutions, which delivers business management software solutions and managed IT services, as well as infrastructure expertise to organizations throughout the Mid–Atlantic, to provide comprehensive end–to–end product development.  This allows organizations to receive complete services during a custom software development project.

Organizations today typically require multiple solution providers to deliver infrastructure upgrades, managed IT services, and software design for a successful custom software development project.  This partnership not only eliminates the waste associated with multiple providers, it enables the client to plan and budget for the project with certainty, and make business decisions based on a definite rollout date.  Usually, every component of the project is delivered for a fixed fee, within a fixed timeframe.

“I think it has become clear that you can not be all things to all people.  Figure out what you do and be great at it,” said Bruce Nelson, CEO of Vertical Solutions.  ”Once you have committed to that, you can find partners like B–Three with a similar philosophy and deliver an end–to–end solution.”

Michael Walton, President of B–Three Solutions, pointed out that Vertical’s Microsoft–certified expertise with the Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system complements the wide range of software expertise offered by B–Three.  He emphasized that the partnership is built on a foundation of shared values and mutual confidence:  ”Before we agree to work with another firm on a fixed–fee project, we have to feel certain that the other firm shares our commitment to deliver top quality IT services to the client — on time and on budget.  That’s exactly how we feel about Vertical Solutions, and that’s why we are particularly glad to partner with them.”

About Vertical Solutions
Founded in 1986, Vertical Solutions — an R.L. Nelson and Associates, Inc. Company — is a business and technology consulting firm that enables small and mid–sized organizations to profit through a partner who supports them across functions.  Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Vertical Solutions delivers a full range of business management software, business process, infrastructure, and managed IT services expertise.  Vertical Solutions delivers results through in–depth expertise in various industries, including medical practices, not–for–profits, social services, law firms, and process manufacturers.  Visit our website at www.verticalsol.com or call 412.220.8460.

About B–Three Solutions
Headquartered in Pittsburgh, B–Three Solutions offers software consulting services to businesses, governments, and nonprofit organizations.  Most of our projects are completed on a fixed–fee, fixed–timeline basis, with a one–year warranty on the software developed.