Automated Billing System for Local Union

Automated Billing System for Local Union

A software development firm requested supplemental development assistance from B-Three Solutions on the creation of an automated invoice tracking tool for a local trade Union. 

The Union billing offices were manually conducting the creation, approval, and payment processing of outgoing checks. In order to accommodate increased auditing regulations, the Union required an automated system that would enable users to complete these tasks digitally, from a cloud-based portal over a secure web connection.

B-Three Solutions developed the program using Java and Oracle technologies.

The application automatically notifies each party in the chain of approval that a check has been created, and tracks the status of an outgoing check from the desk of the Recording Secretary to the President, and finally, to the Treasurer. Once approved, the software forwards approval confirmation to the Business Manager, who then prints and distributes the check accordingly.

In addition, the program also incorporates an “Auditor View” that allows for streamlined evaluation of all transaction data by an auditing team.

The program was very positively received by the Union, and the additional development of mobile and web versions of the application is being entertained. Future collaboration between B-Three Solutions and the partnering software development firm is expected.