Another Successful Intern Experience at B-Three

As the 2015 summer draws to a close, another set of B-Three interns completed their three-month coursework at the office.

Interns Sam Gill and Caelan Mayberry, both computer science majors from Grove City College, joined the B-Three team this past May, eager to improve upon their existing programming skills.

“I was expecting to gain experience doing web development, and a knowledge of what it’s like to work in the field of Computer Science,” Caelan commented. “…Not only did I get to learn web development, but some of what I learned will be transferable to my upcoming classes this year. B-Three has given me a good impression of what it’s like to have a job in my field.”

Both interns worked alongside full-time B-Three employees to develop a web-based application. While Sam and Caelan were both familiar with programming for the web, their summer experience significantly expanded their knowledge and programming abilities.

“I didn’t really realize how complicated web applications are to develop,” said Sam, “I ended up having to learn several different programming technologies, which was an unexpected but welcome experience.”

The interns also enjoyed getting to know the office team, and familiarizing themselves with the Pittsburgh area. As both come from small, rural towns, Pittsburgh was a new experience for them.

“I came from a fairly rural area, so one of the things I appreciated most was just the daily convenience that living near the city provides,” said Sam.

“I enjoyed getting to see the large-scale fireworks display on the Fourth of July outside of Heinz Field,” said Caelan, “I come from a small town where the fireworks are usually much smaller scale, and the one put on by Pittsburgh was much more impressive.”

Both students are looking forward to the start of their senior year at GCC, and are busy exploring future job opportunities. The B-Three team will certainly miss having them in the office, but appreciates their contributions to the web development project that they worked on this summer.